Tech Tip 3: Streaming Media Downloaders

There are loads and loads of downloaders for streaming media. Some are quite good, some are pretty bad and some are simply awful – i.e. don’t work a lot of the times.
However when it comes to downloading videos from YouTube – nothing probably beats 4K Video Downloader ( or Any Video Converter (
As the name suggests, AVC is much more versatile than 4K Video Downloader as it allows downloads as well as conversion of downloaded videos to different formats, including audio formats. 4K Video Downloader also allows this, but the approach is vastly different and very limited. But what 4KVDL lacks in conversion – it more than makes up with it’s download capabilities. Its one of the rarest video downloaders which allow you to download videos from Vevo as well as from behind paywalls (For Pro version). Both the software allows you to download playlists.
Features of 4K VDL:
1. Allows downloading of playlists (upto 10 videos in free version, unlimited on paid version, $15 / $25 for 3 systems with lifetime validity).
2. Allows you to download videos in different resolutions than the default resolution (up to 1080p in free version).
3. Allows you convert the downloaded video to MP3 on the fly (video is not downloaded for conversion).
4. Allows Channel download in paid version. i.e. you can download the entire channel.
5. Allows up to 30 videos per day for free version. No such limitation in paid version.
6. Allows videos under pay-wall to be downloaded in Pro version ($25).
7. Interface is very simple and novice-proof.
Features of Any Video Converter:
1. Allows downloading of playlists without any limitation on number of videos.
2. Downloading happens in default resolution only.
3. Downloaded videos can be converted to various formats including different audio formats & video formats. Videos are downloaded first. So need to download only once.
4. Comparatively expensive than 4KVDL if you just want to download YouTube Videos ($50).
5. The interface is a bit complicated and takes some time to get used to. 6. Has some additional simple functions – like joining multiple video files.


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