Tech Tip 1: RaiDrive

RaiDrive is a nifty little utility which allows you to map your google drive/ One Drive / Dropbox / Box cloud storage as a drive on your computer.
There are two versions available for this – one is advertisement supported (allowing up-to 8 ‘drives’) and a subscription based with unlimited ‘drives’.
The biggest convenience of this program is that just like a local computer – you can simply copy paste stuff from your PC to your cloud storage and vice versa. However do keep in mind that ultimately the copy/paste is dependent on your internet speed. Even though the cloud drives appear as local storage on your PC – end of the day the file stays on remote cloud storage.
The biggest advantage of this over GDrive or OneDrive client is that you do not need to sync the entire drive / folder with your local hard disk – you can simply copy the specific folder you want to backup on cloud. Another advantage (and big one) is since the drives are assigned drive letter (path) – you can even write a small script / batch file to backu your important documents at the end of the day. This part specially is extremely inconvenient if you are using the GDrive / OneDrive through web interface.
I have searched the internet a bit to find any security issues with this app but so far I have not seen any negative reviews against this app. But at the same time – do keep in mind that you are exposing your entire cloud storage to the app. In case you find any alternatives to this or any security / privacy issues associated with this app do let me know in the comments. Strangely I have not seen neither positive nor negative reviews about this app in trustworthy technical sites – so assume what you feel like!
Please note that in the advertisement supported application – you need to log in to the system to access the ‘drives’ but in the subscription model – the drives are mounted during boot process.
You may give it a shot at if you are intrigued.

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