Tech Tip 3: Streaming Media Downloaders

There are loads and loads of downloaders for streaming media. Some are quite good, some are pretty bad and some are simply awful – i.e. don’t work a lot of the times. However when it comes to downloading videos from YouTube – nothing probably beats 4K Video Downloader ( or Any Video Converter ( As… Continue reading Tech Tip 3: Streaming Media Downloaders

Tech Tip 2: Jellyfin Media Server

Jellyfin is a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) media server which his a great tool for people who would like to access their media across their devices. It has a client available for Android, Amazon Firestick as well as Windows. You can even play your shared media through any web browser which supports streaming… Continue reading Tech Tip 2: Jellyfin Media Server

Tech Tip 1: RaiDrive

RaiDrive is a nifty little utility which allows you to map your google drive/ One Drive / Dropbox / Box cloud storage as a drive on your computer.There are two versions available for this – one is advertisement supported (allowing up-to 8 ‘drives’) and a subscription based with unlimited ‘drives’.The biggest convenience of this program… Continue reading Tech Tip 1: RaiDrive

Dominance – 1

Two of the basic characteristics of life is its urge to survive and dominate its immediate surroundings. Be it for mating, claiming the best resources available or simply minimizing competition. The reason could be one of them or a combination of them.Both the urges are irresistible as well as unavoidable – because without them life… Continue reading Dominance – 1

Truth – 1

Can Truth be biased? Sadly – there is no simple answer to this. The answer is both yes and no. Truth is truth. It does not depend on our opinion about it nor does it care about how we feel about it. Nor does it care about it’s effect on the society. Truth is not… Continue reading Truth – 1

Of Parenting

Am I a parent ? No.Then how can I comment on parenting? Well – to be honest if you look at it from a bit afar, it gives me an unbiased perspective since I am not a part of the ‘system’.I have (and I am quite sure a lot of you) have seen unruly children… Continue reading Of Parenting