Social Media 101

Social Media 101:
LinkedIn: Most of your connections pretend that they are are ‘Holier than thow’, great influencer, revolutionary, great humanitarian yada yada yada although they know it, and you know it that they are lying. But they know it and you know it that you can’t call him or her out even if you know that the person is lying because your future or current employer may not take it kindly. Cost of truth might be too much for your career.
Facebook: Unless you are a celebrity who has opened an FB account for publicity, most of your contacts know you personally. So you have to be extra careful when posting anything. If you lie about yourself or try to pretend something you are not– there is a very good chance, (if not inevitable) that you will be called out within an hou. Also, you need to be sensitive to your connections as you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by posting something that is offensive to him/ her. So, if you have hundreds or thousands of connections – best of luck with that! So, try to keep your FB connections limited – a friend request does not mean it HAS to be accepted. And then there is blocking :-).
Twitter: No one knows no one (well 99% cases). So everyone barfs whatever they feel like and their audience cares for that for say 60 seconds and then they move on. Unless of course you are a celebrity or a politician or some corporate big shot. But you have to be extremely careful about posting anything remotely casteist, communal, rascist or basically discriminiatory. Which might get you banned permanently. And yeah, don’t try to lie or spread fake news – there too many people ready to jump on you and ensure you have a very bad day.
So, my personal gyan:
Facebook is the best platform for hanging out if you have limited connections who actually care about your whereabouts and vice versa.
Twitter: You can get loads of knowledge if you follow the right handles.
LinkedIn: A ‘professional’ liability where you need to tolerate a lot of hypocrites.


  1. I rarely use LinkedIn. I love Twitter as a news source, but have to be careful because of all the bots. Facebook is all ads anymore so it’s getting to be more numbing than anything else.

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