Sneaky Samsung

Ok, this is not a normal ‘technical’ video. Just a rant against a shameless tech giant called Samsung.

I had the misfortune of buying a Samsung phone (Galaxy A80) after years (last Samsung Phone I owned before this was Galaxy S3).
This phone was launched at a price of $699 (USD) or around 52.5K INR (

I chose this phone from Samsung after years, primarily because it came with a decent SD730 SOC instead of the crappy Exynos SOC and 128 GB UFS storage rather than eMMC and 8GB RAM.
The worked just ‘fine’ and still working ‘fine’.

Then what is my rant about? Well consider this – phones with similar specs are available for less than half the price from brands like Xiaomi, Huawei etc.

But here is the killer from Samsung: This phone comes with lots of crap-ware pre-loaded like Facebook and Netflix. So what ? I can always install them, right ? Nope, you can’t! You can disable them, but you can not uninstall them. We have heard a lot of bad things about Huawei in the last one or two years. I own a Huawei Tablet too. And guess what – this also come preinstalled with Facebook and some other crap-ware. But guess what ? I can uninstall any crap-ware / bloatware I want! Ohh and did I mention that the Samsung phone costs almost thrice of what the Tablet costs?

That is not even half the story. Have a look at the app drawer screenshots of my App drawer. See the apps that are circled out? I never used those apps. Never installed them.

There is a application called Galaxy Store which force installed those application on my phone.
Before you say – Please don’t tell me to disable app suggestions etc etc. They are all disabled. I am using smartphones since 2004 (days of Nokia E50) – so I know how to use a smartphone smartly(?).

So, I should disable Galaxy Store, right? That is not a smart decision since Samsung has intentionally kept most of its backend software on Galaxy Store, if you ‘disable’ Galaxy Store – those wont be updated.
Ohh Sorry, I forgot to mention – you can not disable Galaxy Store! So, basically Samsung will install whatever software it wishes on your phone.

What is the assurance that they are not installing some spyware behind your back? Also, I have purchased the hardware with full payment – not that Samsung has given me a discount. I am paying for the data as well. So the question that comes to one’s mind who is Samsung to install third party apps on my phone? Who gives them the right? Ok, I know it must be somewhere in their license agreement (which you can not actually read while setting up your phone, BTW). It is really a shame that the authorities around the world sleeps on such atrocious acts of big techs, or well at least in India. The next question that comes to mind is WHY IS IT NOT MENTIONED ON THEIR LISTINGS ON SAY AMAZON that they can install whatever third party app they fill like to make a few cents.

You remember I mentioned the launch price of the phone at the beginning of this article? Why? Well because it is not a subsidised $100 phone which often gets subsidized through adverts like those Amazon branded phones – but do keep in mind that those phones never INSTALL apps on your phone!

Do you think it can’t get any worse? Guess what – it does! Check the following screenshot. Samsung is trying to update my banking app (iMobile) from it’s own store instead of I updating it from the OFFICIAL repository – that is Google Play store! And when I checked Google play store – the update was not even listed. If nothing else concerns you – this should. Why? Because your bank clearly states that your mobile app should be installed either from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

I am regretting my decision of buying a Samsung phone within a fortnight of buying it and it is really becoming insufferable with each day. I just hope to get rid of it as soon as possible.

As for those reading the article – I just hope some of you can understand the concerns and stay away from sneaky Samsung.
Unless and until people start enforcing their rights and avoid companies that do not respect our rights en-mass – sadly the things are not going to change.

A small addition to my post. I just recently reset the phone, just for testing. I DID NOT signed up with my Samsung Account.
Now where is the cancel button to disable you showing my b/s promotions or installing crappy applications (Despite not agreeing – I still got the screen where they will install crappy apps on my phone during initial setup).

Somewhere someone needs to sue Samsungs A$$


    1. Hey! Thanks.
      If you do find this behaviour of Samsung unethical, then please do spread the word among your community.
      We should not support organizations like this. The least we can do is stop buying their products :-).

      1. Hi thanks. I do not have much details on this topic. Let me research about it before taking a stand

  1. it seems to be getting more and more this way in the digital world. They know everything you do and sell that info to anyone who will pay to have it. Very sad.

    1. I wish Pinephone was available in my country. I would have been more than happy to discard my Android phones and get a Pinephone – despite whatever limitations it has.
      Hey I left Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in January. And still alive. So, I guess I will be able to survive without Google as well ?.
      That reminds me.. I need to update the Twitter and FB link on my page(s)…

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