Configuring K-Mail / Korganizer / Kontact (All in one PIM Suite for KDE): 1

If you are using Fedora of Open SUSE, this comes pre-installed, however for other distributions (KDE) – you need to install these packages from Discover or the package manager available:

a) kontact , b) kmail c) korganizer d) kaddressbook

However you can also install them using the terminal.
If you are on Kubuntu, type:

sudo apt install kontact kmail korganizer kaddressbook

if you are on Manjaro KDE type:

sudo pacman -S kontact kmail korganizer kaddressbook

to install the Korganizer package fully.

Once you have installed it – go to Office category and open Kontact

When you open Kontact for the first time – you will be greeted with the b/m screen:

Enter your name and mail address (if you have a Gmail, Outlook/ Hotmail or yahoo mail address, it will be auto-configured.
Here we are assuming Gmail as most of us use Gmail.

Once you provide the details and click next, Kontact will auto-detect server details and show you the b/m screen. Choose IMAP or POP3 as per your requirements. IMAP is a better choice as it will help you receive the mails instantly. Click Add to add the mail id to Kontact.

Once you have clicked Add – your web browser will open for authentication with Google Server, provide your details and click on allow so that Kontact can access data from your Gmail account.

If you want to use Unified Inbox (All inbox mails from all accounts will show in a single folder) – then click on enable else click cancel.

If you do not have an encryption key system to encrypt your messages – ensure the b/m settings are selected as per the following image and click on Next, followed by Finish.

You will now be greeted with Kmail and your mails will be synced with Kmail.

Now right click on the mail account you have just created and click on Account Properties to get the following screen. In the account name – type something easy for you to identify (Say Gmail)…

Next click on the advanced Tab click on the folder icon beside the Trash Folder box.

Brose and select Bin folder under Gmail. What this will do is any mail you delete will be moved to your Deleted Items folder in Gmail. So, if you delete a mail by mistake – you can still view or restore it from your mobile device (assuming it is configured with Gmail)

Similarly to to Archive Folder and select Gmail – All mail so that when you archive a mail, those are saved in Gmail’s All Mails folder and not on your PC.

This is the first part.

In the next part we will see further configuration of Kontact to make it a full-blown PIM.
Please feel free to post your queries – if any.

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