Men without a nation – Pretending to solve an unsolvable problem

It seems a lot of countries has been eager to ‘identify’ illegal immigrants or ‘non citizens’ in their country in their country in last few years. Two countries that come to mind immediately are USA and India.

I, being a citizen of India is not so much concerned with what USA does with the ‘problem’ and would rather focus on what is happening in India.

The Government has already done an initial ‘survey’ in Assam costing around INR 8,000 Cr to identify these illegal immigrants in the state of Assam with a population of 3.6 Crore ( So, basically spending more than 2000/- per person. I don’t even want to go into the question of such lavish spending when the economy is struggling, but for a moment – wait and think how many industries could have been established in Assam for that INR 8000 Cr and how many people could have been employed in them. How much do you think it would have helped the economy of Assam and North East as a whole?

Now, for a moment let us assume 50% of Assam and West Bengal are ‘illegal immigrants’ – so, the number comes to 6.8 crore (which is an absurd percentage, but lets assume it for a moment). So, that comes down to 4.8 per cent of Indian population. With the abysmal employment rate in India how much do you think the existence / non existence of these 4.8% population matter (well actually I doubt if it will be even 1%)?

Let us look at it from another, more logical way. Say we have a nationwide identification drive for ‘illegal immigrants’ and we identify these 6.8 Cr people who are not ‘legal Indians’. Then what ? You will declare them as illegal, i.e. they can’t claim their citizenship. But do you really think that the countries from which they have come to India ‘illegally’ will simply take them back? If you think so, you are living in a fools paradise!
So, what option do you have ? Put them all in detention camps for the rest of their lives? Ok fine – do you know from where the money comes from for maintaining those camps ? Yes it comes from YOUR pocket! At the cost of depriving you of basic amenities.

So basically: a) Returning to the original country – not an option. b) detention camp / jail – not an option.

So, you will basically let these people roam on the street without any option of gettinga decent (or may be any type of) employment. And by denying these people the basic rights (unless they are citizen of a country, they can’t even get a private job) – you are forcing them to resort to unlawful activities. Basically this will be a disaster for the society as illegal activities will hit the roof.

The blunt truth is once these people have entered your country – there is hardly anything you can do. You need to prevent them from entering, if you can. Trust me, no country in the world will take back thousands or lakhs of people. You (Government) can prove that they don’t belong to ‘our’ country but they can never prove that they belong to x/y/z country or force that country to take them back. For a start, you could have used those INR 8000 Cr to fence the international borders!

It is high time the common citizens understood the issue and work in a reasonable manner to live with this problem.

If you go ahead and start marking lakhs of people as ‘illegal’ in your country – you will end up destroying your society!

Lastly, I would like to remind you of this video:


  1. That is a wonderful video that we should all watch. It is overwhelming to think how vast the universe is – a lot vaster than we used to think. People have always moved all over the world and borders and countries have changed frequently; who has the right to declare who belongs where!

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