Dominance – 1

Two of the basic characteristics of life is its urge to survive and dominate its immediate surroundings. Be it for mating, claiming the best resources available or simply minimizing competition. The reason could be one of them or a combination of them.
Both the urges are irresistible as well as unavoidable – because without them life can neither exist nor evolve.
But with the human society it introduces unique problems which do not confirm with natural orders. If we look around us and do some thinking – we will find out that all these casteism, racism, sect, religious discrimination, gender discrimination they come down to the same urge for grabbing a bigger piece of the pie. To be better off than others. But this has no natural structure. These structures are made by humans to deprive a section of the society so that they can enjoy the benefit of those people who would have enjoyed it otherwise.
The gender-based discrimination is probably the oldest of all.
Women should stay at home and serve their companions (husbands) – this effectively reduces competition for men to find a living by a staggering 50% across all boards! Men have taken the help of religion to effectively nail it in our head for thousand of years. You won’t find a single religion in the world which says a woman should go out with her companion and work shoulder the responsibilities. Instead what you will find is – yes, you need to shoulder the responsibilities, but how? By ‘taking the family tree forward’, by taking care of him & his children and his family members. Looking at any religion – or at least in the form they are practiced today – you will find one thing pretty common across the board, if the women in your house goes out of the home too often – she is not a ‘good’ woman. This has been a practice for centuries and there has been several ways to restrict it from burqas and ghunghats to witch huntings. If there is any religion which says otherwise – please share a link the comments.
This discrimination is now going down, thankfully but still there is a lot has to be accomplished in this regard. Another gender discrimination is towards the LGBTQ/ Trans community towards which sadly the society is completely apathetic. For one their percentage is very low and the other is the tendency of religions to demonize them as something unnatural. We are ready to accept a man or woman who sleeps with 10 persons outside of his or her marriage, but we can’t accept a gay or a lesbian who is dedicated to one person of his or her sex. We need to really rethink the definition of morality. A lot countries are now making LGBTQ relationships legal – but unless there is a drastic change in the society there is hardly change possible.

A small food for thought – could this be a nature’s way for controlling the booming human population and thus saving earth? Think about it.

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